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I'm available to hire for all types of photography, particularly events, live music gigs and commercial product photography, but also weddings, portraits, family photos, food, and private or commercial property photography.

For general commercial or portrait photography, I charge £80 for the first hour and then £40/hour for any subsequent full hour, plus 75p/mile travel costs. I have a portable studio lighting and background system, so I can shoot individual or small group portraits in your own home or place of business.

For a full property photography package, including an edited video walkthrough with music or narration, with aerial drone stills and video, my standard rate is £300 plus travel costs at 75p/mile, although this may vary for very large or very small properties. I have a 4WD vehicle, so rural locations are no problem. Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements.

My standard rate for a full-day wedding shoot is £750, plus 75p/mile travel costs. This price includes planning and preparation, photo processing and editing, and designing your wedding book. Please contact me for full details.


If you're planning events, gigs or private parties please click on the Poptop button below. Poptop is a reliable and trusted events concierge service that protects your details until the booking is confirmed. I use them for all my event booking services.

 If you'd like to book me for any type of photography, or get in touch about anything else, such as a question about one of my tutorials or if you just want to chat, please drop me a line using the form below, or email me on


Privacy policy

Clients retain full ownership and title to all photos taken on any commissioned job. I may request to use certain photos or videos for my portfolio on this website, but clients have the right to refuse permission for such use. All other photos taken for clients will, after delivery, be kept for a maximum of six months from the date of delivery on a secure, air-gapped storage system that is not connected to the Internet. This is so that, in the event that you lose your photos, I can provide replacements. If you would prefer that your photos be deleted from this storage system, please request this via email at All deletion requests will be honoured within 24 hours.


Business hours:

Monday: 7am - 11pm

Tuesday: 7am - 11pm

Wednesday: 7am - 11pm

Thursday: 7am - 11pm

Friday: 7am - 11pm

Saturday: 7am - 11pm

Sunday: 7am - 11pm

Business address:

13 Abbeville Close, Exeter EX2 4SJ

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